The Baseball Desert

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


When I looked over the MLB.TV schedule for this week, there were no broadcasts scheduled for tonight, but something seems to have changed, so I get to see the Tigers play on a sunny afternoon in Oakland. If there's one thing better than watching baseball, it's watching baseball when you expected to be doing something else a lot less fun.

In a strange twist of fate, the game means that I'll also get to see Wilfredo Ledezma, who I so cruelly spurned last week. What goes around comes around, (or something)...

Update: It's officially now a double bonus - the broadcast is one of those TV-pictures-with-the-radio-feed deals (which are commercial-free and which also allow you to see the picther warming up between innings) and in the middle of the third inning they played a great cover version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" by Social Distortion. The question is: can the day get any better?