The Baseball Desert

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Last Gas For 21 Days

The empty road stretches out ahead - today's game against the White Sox will be my last opportunity to fill up with a little baseball before heading off on vacation. So far the Red Sox have taken two out of three from the team with the best record in baseball - three out of four would send me on my way with a lot of faith in their ability to hang tough in the AL East.

My absence will also coincide with July 31st trading deadline, as it did last year. Last year's deadline brought huge surprises, but it also laid the foundation for the Sox' World Series victory. It remains to be see what Theo & co. will have up their sleeve for this year, but after 2004 I'm prepared for anything.

I won't be completely cut off from the Sox, since Beth has kindly agreed to keep me updated on their progress over the next three weeks, but it will nonetheless be hard, since I've got used to following the team every day. I suppose "absence makes the heart grow fonder" should apply, but it will be a fondness tinged with worry and apprehension, which is why a victory today against Chicago would be a welcome send-off. Is it too much to ask?